Referral program

Invite users on Bitpapa and get passive income in BTC, ETH and USDT

Create your personal link

You can generate up to 10 different links with your unique ID. Each link can have personal tag so you can track each attraction channel separately
The link identifier also serves as a referral code which can be used for registration with the iOS/Android mobile apps

Invite users

Spread referral links among friends, followers or your website users. Our affiliate program has 3 referral levels - you will get referral fees even from users which will be invited by your referrals. You can refer users with any Bitpapa service such as website, mobile app or Telegram bot

Grab instant payouts

Referrers receive up to 50% of all fees collected by the platform for any executed trade. If the trader is a referral who is not the owner of the offer, his referrer receives 30% of the referral payment. On the other hand, the referrer receives 20% of the referral payment if the trader placed the offer. If both traders are referrals, the payouts add up.
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Program Details

  • Program terms as of 15/02/2021 1:00 AM (UTC)
  • 50% of all trading fees on the platform are distributed among referral program participants:

    The referrer receives 30% of the referral payment for a trade in case his referral is not the offer owner.

    Conversely, if the referral is the offer owner, the referrer receives 20% of the referral payment for a trade.

    In case both traders are referrals, the referral payouts are added up.
  • Bitpapa referral rewards are distributed across the three tiers:
    At the first tier you receive 50% from the referral payouts for the trades made by the referral referred by you.
    At the second tier you receive 30% for the trades made by the referral referred by your tier 1 referral.
    At the third tier you receive 20% for the trades made by the referral referred by your tier 2 referral.
  • You can refer an unlimited number of users by sharing your links with unique ID's. Every referred user should register on the platform only by following your referral link to You can add your ?ref=ID parameter not only to the main page of, but also to any other page like user profile, trade opening page, and so on.
  • Bitpapa continuously monitors registered accounts if they belong to the same user, and the service reserves the right to disqualify users from the referral program who are abusing it by cheating and obtaining unfair gains.


You registered on Bitpapa using a referral link and also referred 2 users who have made a trade for 1 BTC.

The service fee paid by the offer owner will be equal to 1% (0.01 BTC), and the total of referral payouts will amount to 50% of the service fee (0.005 BTC), with 20% paid by the offer creator and 30% by the peer.

0.005 BTC will be distributed across three tiers as follows:

1st tier (you): 50% = 0.0025 BTC;
2nd tier (your referrer): 30% = 0.0015 BTC;
3d tier (a user who referred your referrer): 20% = 0.001 BTC.