Best Way to Buy Bitcoin in US

The United States has been on the decline in the last few years, as most news resources state. However, if the history of states is the course of their economics, then a fair assessment would indicate that the decline of the United States has been underway for over thirty years. The process started rather gradually with the easing of national economic measures aimed at bolstering the internal consumer and production markets within the country. This resulted in a gradual and unrelenting decline in the purchasing power of the people of the United States and their downgrading of trust towards the state itself. With the efforts of the ruling elites directed at policing the world and establishing business and social dominance through the weapons manufacturing complex and the media, the United States has witnessed its production facilities migrate overseas, its infrastructure dilapidated, and its people become entangled in a web of choking credits.

This state of affairs may not be extremely visible to the external viewer, who is being instilled with an image of well-being within the United States, however, the residents of the country will attest to a dire and ever more deteriorating situation. With its cities turning into slums, the infrastructure crumbling in disarray and its economy gradually witnessing the snowballing of public debt, it was only a matter of time before a crisis of national and then global proportions would strike. Such a crisis emerged in 2008 with the credit bubble, which burst under the pressure of banks demanding their clients to return loans. When the latter failed, the economy of the country witnessed a catastrophic lack of liquidity, which had existed only in the form of digital renditions meant to create an image of stability and prosperity.

The method of economic sustainability that the United States had resorted to proved to be non-viable in light of a growing dislike towards the country’s international politics from other countries. It is impossible to stall the development of the world in hopes of remaining the only country advancing at snail pace. And though such a reality is evident to anyone, the ruling elites were confident that they could maintain their chokehold on the world and its resources indefinitely.

The people of the country were the most to lose from such a stalemate and that is why the advent of Bitcoin seemed to be a ray of hope, an escape from the chokehold of the US Dollar economy. Many people in the United States want to buy Bitcoin for the sake of turning it into a means of investment and as a way of deviating from the Dollar. But any currency exchange that relies on the Securities and Exchange Commission of the United States cannot simply trade Bitcoin, because that would entail a certain legal status that could jeopardize operations and make them susceptible to taxation. And it was only a matter of time before the US government took note of any Bitcoin operations.

Best Way to Buy Bitcoin in US

Since the moment when the United States started taking notice of Bitcoin and considered the prospect of having free BTC circulation as a threat to its economic hegemony, the possibilities open to users for using BTC became considerably limited. The process started way back in 2017, when the first ICOs, albeit mostly fraudulent, started generating considerable amounts of money and the price of BTC started rising. With wallets being anonymous and transactions untraceable, such a state of affairs was extremely dangerous for the United States and its desire to have complete control over financial flows.

Since then, many restrictions and regulations were enacted and the best way to buy Bitcoin in US right now is to buy it somewhere else. Many users from the United States find it difficult to not just escape and evade, but even avoid the all-seeing eye of the tax authorities, which monitor all transactions. The exchanges that operate on United States soil are forced to provide exhaustive reports on all transactions that go through them under the guise of anti-money laundering policies and those controlling the combatting of illegal financing.

With such draconian measures in place, crypto enthusiasts from the United States have few choices open to them if they want to buy Bitcoin. Most users from outside the US recommend their comrades from the country to emigrate and start leveraging the financial freedom that comes with that move. However, even that does not guarantee freedom from US surveillance. As such, the only way to buy Bitcoin in the US is through regulated exchanges and provide complete disclosure of transactions to the authorities.

Key Takeaways

Like a dying giant, the United States is forced to continue monitoring and controlling everything that happens around it and within it, both politically and financially. This makes it impossible to speak of freedom or civil liberties in the country, which has essentially turned into a police state, restricting even the thought of decentralization and financial freedom that it promises through Bitcoin.