Buy Bitcoins No ID

Bitcoin was originally designed as an anonymous means of payments created by the people for the people. Its unique consensus algorithm was supposed to make it possible for people to conduct peer-to-peer transactions without the involvement of intermediaries and without the need to reveal identities. It was an ideal instrument for all kinds of shady deals in the Dark Web, as well as a means of transferring any amount of illegally procured funds. My, my, how times have changed. Since the advent of Bitcoin, many have proclaimed that it was sheer evil – a gateway to hell and a destructive, disruptive technology that would ruin the established world order, seeding panic and crushing poverty everywhere it went. However, the doom and gloom scenario did not take place. More than that, Bitcoin itself has become a meek shadow of its former self, wielding little of its past glory and less than half of its all-time-high price.

The promise of making money out of thin air is what had driven hordes, droves of investors, both retail and institutional to seek profits in the cryptocurrency domain at its start. Since then, the blockchain and cryptocurrency market has seen a considerable shift in its development as the flux of prices has brought about a reevaluation of priorities and possible development vectors. Any transaction with Bitcoin is now monitored, every wallet can be hacked or verified, and there is no such thing as anonymity left in the blockchain space. Just as liberty was snuffed out by the impending global economic crisis to try and stem the rising tide of malcontent among the masses, so too has decentralization been sidelined to make sure it cannot develop and pose a threat to the established world order based on centralization, and corruption thereof.

Buy Bitcoins No ID

Nowadays, in order to buy Bitcoin cheap, one needs to either find a loon willing to part with the asset at a price much lower than its market value, or pray for a miracle and wait for the price of Bitcoin to tumble until a point when it becomes worthless in the speculator arena. In fact, Bitcoin is actually as worthless as a credit card with an exhausted limit. The only value that Bitcoin derives can be found in the supply and demand for it on the investment and speculation market. Part from that, you can buy anything you want with fiat and never even bother resorting to Bitcoin, or any cryptocurrency for that matter.
Your crypto is worth exactly as much as you believe it is worth, until the market decides that demand for that given asset no longer represents its value. Fiat money, on the other hand, has much more concrete mechanisms of price regulation. And though fiat money is also subject to price fluctuations based on supply and demand, the traditional currency market has a regulator that the cryptocurrency market does not. While a central bank can interfere at any moment and adjust the rate of a national currency, there is no such institution on the cryptocurrency market that would be able to interfere and make any difference.

That is the key defining difference between fiat and cryptocurrencies, which keeps them apart and determines their price in terms of reality and perception.