Buy Crypto With Prepaid Card

Buy Crypto With Prepaid Card

The modern market of digital assets is very diverse and versatile. There are hundreds of coins to suit any fancy. Some prefer to deal with the extreme volatility of Bitcoin to sit out and wait crypto winters in expectation of bull runs. Others, more prudent, prefer to ride the wave of adoption of Ethereum and take advantage of its sprawling network that has begun using the convenient and profitable Proof-of-Stake algorithm. Many consider utility tokens to be a good means of making earnings by applying various pump and dump schemes, or even arbitrage trading and scalping. Others still believe that stablecoins are the way towards a bright and predictable crypto future devoid of price shocks and rampant volatility.

How to Buy

The means of purchasing cryptocurrencies have also evolved and been diversified over the years. PayPal started accepting coins in 2020, making it easier to start purchasing their very first Bitcoins and Ethereum for accessing the decentralized finance industry. In the same way, VISA and MasterCard found it convenient to enter the digital assets industry and provide the necessary gateways and integration protocols that would make use of their cards in crypto applications possible.

However, there are also opportunities to buy cryptocurrency with a prepaid bank card. That means that is extremely convenient for those who have a gift MasterCard and want to buy crypto with a prepaid card. The given approach is also very convenient for users abroad those who have had their cards sanctioned and deactivated in some regions of the world. Credit cards are also a universal tool that can be used to buy crypto with a prepaid card purchased abroad.

  • Actions to take when buying:

  • Select a vendor;
  • Top up the account balance;
  • Select the prepaid card;
  • Order the card.


Steps to Buy

In order to buy crypto with a prepaid card issued by VISA, all users need to do is access any crypto bank card infrastructure provider and contact their manager service to order such a card. A prepaid VISA card can be used to buy any kind of goods and services with crypto in the exact same way as a conventional card. The card with crypto stored on it can also be used to buy tickets and be used as a prepaid VISA card for purchases abroad.

Bitcoins stored on such a card can be used to buy anything with a green dot card that comes as standard for many infrastructure providers. All users need to do is contact the service and ask for a gift card to be issued. Then, they will have to top up the amount they wish to enter on the card with a special online terminal by connecting some manner of traditional gateway to it. The latter can be an e-wallet like PayPal or even a standard bank card issued by VISA or MasterCard.

Other coins can also be used on prepaid cards, but are seldom a solution, since their application is not always as widespread. Bitcoin is the most popular choice, since using it guarantees the prepaid card holder access to the goods and services of over 17,000 retail outlets and online merchant services. This versatility is what makes Bitcoin the favorite asset for prepaid bank card usage.

Key Takeaways

However, those seeking to buy Bitcoin prepaid bank cards should take into account the high entry threshold of the given coin. It is expensive and prohibitive. In addition, the price fluctuates with high frequency and the value of the funds located on the prepaid bank card can depreciate significantly within a limited amount of time. As such, users are advised to resort to more secure and less volatile cryptocurrencies, such as Ethereum and USDT when using prepaid bank cards.

In summary, it is possible to say that the popularity of prepaid bank cards topped up with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and others has significantly increased over the last years thanks to the propagation of coins as a means of payment worldwide. In addition, there are many crypto bank card infrastructure services that provide a wide range of additional options for their bank card holders, making it profitable to use such cards and take advantage of bonuses, cashback, and many other facilities.