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Top 5 Newest Cryptocurrencies

Top 5 Newest Cryptocurrencies

Digital currency is increasingly taking over the financial markets in the entire world. Every year, new blockchain projects come in to bring innovations to the industry or improve current solutions. In the review below, we have collected the latest cryptocurrencies for fall 2021, which have excellent prospects for development.

Criteria for Evaluating top Cryptocurrencies

Last year, the digital currency market experienced another jump, which became even higher than the rise of the crypto rating in 2017. And so, this caused even greater investor interest in blockchains. At the same time, the developers started spicing up the situation with cryptocurrency - the newest tokens began appearing.


MINA Protocol is the world's first decentralized platform with a compressed blockchain, the size of which is only 22 kb. MINA token is notable for being an inflationary coin, that is, with unlimited supply, unlike most cryptocurrencies.


The MATIC cryptocurrency newest token is another new digital coin that is used for transactions on the Polygon platform. Application developers use the MATIC coin to pay for goods and services. The Polygon platform consists of a protocol and frameworks for creating networks from Ethereum-compatible blockchains. The main tasks of the Polygon Network include eliminating scalability problems, improving throughput, and reducing the cost of transactions of the Ethereum blockchain, using sidechains.


The Clover project works in the format of creating cross-chain compatibility on the Defi ecosystem. Clover's improved operating mechanisms allow crypto holders to connect to various blockchain networks simultaneously. Most often these are such networks as Ethereum, Polkadot, Avalanche, Binance Smart Chain, and so on.


The new cryptocurrency of 2021, Flow, was launched on exchanges in mid-winter 2021. Despite the fact that Flow has been in circulation for just over six months, it has become one of the fastest-growing cryptocurrencies, and its profitability (ROI ratio) has exceeded 32500% for early investors. For comparison, Bitcoin has achieved similar dynamics only for several years.


Another newest digital currency of this year, which attracted the attention of crypto investors and holders with a unique approach to mining. Instead of a video card and special equipment, Chia uses the free space of hard drives to mine XCH cryptocurrency.