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How to Buy Dogecoin?

How to Buy Dogecoin?

Are you looking to join the legions of crypto enthusiasts by owning your very own Dogecoin? With its friendly Shiba Inu mascot and a strong online community, Dogecoin has captured the hearts of many in the world of cryptocurrency. Whether you're new to the game or a seasoned investor looking to diversify your digital wallet, buying Dogecoin is not just fun; it can be a simple and exciting venture. Sit tight as we walk you through the hassle-free steps to buy Dogecoin and make it a part of your crypto journey.

What is Dogecoin?

Dogecoin (DOGE) is a peer-to-peer, open-source cryptocurrency. It is considered an altcoin and an almost sarcastic meme coin. Launched in December 2013, Dogecoin has the image of a Shiba Inu dog as its logo. Though it was initially introduced as a joke, Dogecoin's community has grown significantly.

The cryptocurrency is used primarily for tipping on forums and fundraising for charitable causes and other noteworthy projects. Unlike Bitcoin, there is no cap to the supply of coins, and the currency boasts a generous spirit reflective of its mascot.

How Does Dogecoin Work?

Dogecoin utilizes blockchain technology, similar to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Every Dogecoin transaction is logged on the Dogecoin blockchain—a distributed ledger that keeps a record of all transactions made with Dogecoin. Trusted participants known as miners use their computational power to verify transaction data and record it onto the blockchain.

For their efforts, these miners are rewarded with additional Dogecoin, which they can hold or sell on the open market. This mining process helps secure the network and processes transactions efficiently. Due to its lower transaction fees and quick confirmation times, Dogecoin has been utilized for micro-transactions as well as tipping on social media platforms.

In the following sections, we will outline the process for purchasing Dogecoin through two popular cryptocurrency exchanges—Binance and Coinbase. Although there are a multitude of platforms available for this purpose, these services are frequently chosen by users for their ease of use, security, and wide recognition in the crypto community.

How to Buy Dogecoin (DOGE)on Binance?

Buying Dogecoin (DOGE) on Binance is a simple process that can be boiled down into a few easy-to-follow steps. Whether you are looking to purchase Dogecoin for the first time or considering adding to your current holdings, here is what you need to know:

Step 1: Funding Your Account

  • Credit Card and Debit Card: If you're new to Binance, using a debit card or credit card is the most straightforward method to buy Dogecoin instantly.

  • Bank Deposit: Alternatively, you can make a bank account transfer to Binance and then use the funds to purchase Dogecoin.

Step 2: Choose Your Payment Method

  • Confirm your chosen payment method and be aware of the transaction fees.

  • Be quick: Price changes may lead to a plan adjustment—you'll have 1 minute to confirm your order at the current rate.

Step 3: Acquiring Dogecoin

  • Once you have selected your payment method, proceed to exchange your fiat or other cryptocurrencies for Dogecoin (DOGE).

Step 4: Managing Dogecoin Assets

  • You can utilize your Dogecoin wallet on Binance to store or send Dogecoin, or engage with the wider Dogecoin community.

Step 5: Explore Further Opportunities

  • Consider trading your DOGE for other cryptocurrencies, selling it back to fiat, or staking it on Binance Earn for potential passive income.

Step 6: Utilizing Decentralized Exchanges

  • If desired, transfer your DOGE to a decentralized exchange like Trust Wallet, which supports a multitude of assets and blockchains, enhancing the way Dogecoin operates.

How to Purchase Dogecoin on Coinbase?

To get started with buying Dogecoin on Coinbase, just follow these streamlined steps:

1. Verification of Identity

  • Ensure you have your identification documents ready for ID verification, which might take more than a few minutes depending on your location.

2. Connect a Payment Method

  • Click the payment method field to add a payment method. You have the option to link a bank account, or debit card, or set up a wire transfer.

3. Initiate a Purchase

  • Navigate to Buy & Sell on Coinbase or tap the ( + ) Buy button on the Home tab in the mobile app to start a trade.

4. Select Dogecoin

  • Locate Dogecoin from the list of digital assets. Type “Dogecoin” in the search bar and select it from the results to begin the purchase process.

5. Define Purchase Amount

  • Enter the fiat amount you wish to spend on Dogecoin using the on-screen keypad. The platform will convert and display the equivalent Dogecoin amount. You can toggle between fiat and Dogecoin values by clicking the arrows next to the entry fields.

6. Complete Your Dogecoin Purchase

  • Tap “Preview buy” to review your order. Once you've confirmed the details, finalize the transaction by selecting “Buy now”. Your Dogecoin purchase is now complete.

7. Confirmation

  • A confirmation screen will appear once the order is completed, signaling the successful acquisition of Dogecoin.

Congratulations, you're now part of the vibrant Dogecoin community! Remember to keep your holdings secure in Dogecoin wallets, stay informed about the Dogecoin blockchain, and participate in the Dogecoin Foundation to help shape the future of this unique cryptocurrency. As always, stay updated on how much Dogecoin you own and keep an eye on its total market cap to make informed decisions.

Which Platform Should You Choose to Buy Dogecoin?

To commence the Dogecoin acquisition, you'd first need to select a platform to buy Dogecoin. Cryptocurrency exchanges come in two main types: centralized exchanges (CEX) and decentralized exchanges (DEX).

Centralized Exchanges (CEX)

Centralized exchanges such as Binance, Coinbase, and Kraken are popular venues to purchase Dogecoin. These platforms are user-friendly and provide additional services like customer support and advanced trading features, which are particularly beneficial for newcomers.


  • User-friendly interfaces make the buying process straightforward.

  • They offer higher liquidity, facilitating quicker trades and better prices.

  • Centralized exchanges often provide additional security layers, like insurance funds or cold storage of assets.


  • Centralized platforms may be more susceptible to hacking due to the central point of control.

  • Users do not have full control over their private keys, which means you must trust the platform to manage your Dogecoin securely.

Decentralized Exchanges (DEX)

Alternatively, decentralized exchanges like Uniswap or SushiSwap operate without a central authority. These platforms facilitate peer-to-peer trading directly from your wallet.


  • Greater privacy since no personal information is required to sell Dogecoin or engage in Dogecoin purchases.

  • You have full control over your private keys, hence more control over your funds.


  • Typically have a steeper learning curve, which might be challenging for beginners.

  • Lower liquidity can lead to slower trades and less favorable pricing.

After purchasing Dogecoin, you need to consider how your investment will work in the long term. One option to consider is mining Dogecoin. Mining involves using computer hardware to validate transactions on the blockchain and, as a reward, miners receive additional Dogecoins. However, mining requires a substantial initial investment in hardware and ongoing costs for electricity, and the competition is stiff.

Ultimately, whether you choose a CEX or DEX to make your Dogecoin purchases will depend on your personal preference for convenience versus control, as well as your investment strategy. Always ensure to do your own research and consider the different aspects of each purchase method before diving into the world of Dogecoin.